This piece is about the primal nature of the female species, stripping back the frugal nature of the ‘Beauty junky’ that reigns in today’s culture and the underlying mechanism of commercialisation but also taps into the primal urges of intimacy and shows that the source of all this au naturel flaunting lies not in the culture of fame, but in the design of our sexual brains. 

A resolution of our the female primal urges like how they are seen: naked, raw, genetic and individual. It is the experience of being made a part of Nature and ultimately all creation without compromise or adjustment of their inherent uniqueness, their self-identity (ego); rather, redefined. The desire to be absorbed back into Source. In this piece they are observed for what they actually are: divine confluences of merged intelligence(s) inhabiting the human electro-biological vessel. The archetype of the spider represents our human consciousness.

Client: Depthcore / Agency: Personal

Print available here