Beauty series

The Beauty Series is a small collection of personal art that seeks to tear the proverbial fabric of the fashion industry and challenge long-held perceptions and expectations of female beauty. The most pervasive being that physical attractiveness is one of the most valuable assets a woman can possess. This collection both adheres to and rejects that norm. Each picture shows undeniable allure in all the forms we have come to expect as the epitome of female beauty but yet each woman also carries an abstracted imbalance that would not be tolerated in an industry that demands perfection. 

A combination of photo manipulation and painting, but still playing on minimalist aesthetics, the Beauty Series defies the notion that female attractiveness is ephemeral and the societal ideals it is based upon by creating beauty through imperfection. I will add to this series as I create new artwork.

Some will be available as physical print's and NFT's